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Caffeine Blues

Nicola Kean

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The VUWSA Budget cuts have hit us hard here at Salient. Very hard indeed.
We arrived back at work this week to find that VUWSA were no longer allowing us to order the filter coffee which virtually keeps us alive. Sorry guys, they said, budget cuts and all. They gave us some Fairtrade coffee which had been left around somewhere in their offices. Fair enough, we said, and went back to work.
Except the Fairtrade didn’t work as well as it should have. James kept whinging about being tired. I kept almost nodding off at my desk in the mid-afternoon. Then, on Wednesday I inspected the packet and discovered the terrible truth. It was decaf.
There were meetings, arguments, withdrawl shakes, and eventually we had to settle for instant. Yes. Instant. So there we go: cuts are being made. There have been sacrifices. Stop complaining.
Other pet peeve of the week: Bob Clarkson. Barry Crump is dead, ok? Nobody uses the term joker anymore.
As much I’m loathe to say this, Clarkson may actually have a point. It’s just the way he tried to make it was so grating and downright stupid. Islam is a religion, not a country. Please someone get him a spin doctor. Or a brain transplant.
If National is elected in 2008 and he’s still an MP, he’s going to be a serious liability. Ian Wishheart must be rubbing his hands together with glee.
Anyway, Salient is back on Monday. Enjoy.