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Animated films have never really interested me. Generally they are childish, predictable and terribly Disney-esque, but at the same time can be strangely entertaining, as the recent Pixar explosion has shown us. Cars is no exception. Perhaps it’s the jaw dropping visual effects that blind you from the fact that it is a children’s movie, or maybe you get drawn in by the huge variety of characters that populate this vehicular world. Cars is a film so full of life that it is impossible not to become a part of it. There is literally so much going on in the film that to take in everything you will have to see it at least a couple of times. Little things like the tiny car-flies that buzz around throughout the film, or the tyre track shaped jet exhaust that streaks the sky make this such a fun movie.
The story of Cars is very straightforward, not the sort of thing for someone who likes to delve into plot intricacies and deeper level shit. It is a story that sets out to be enjoyable and it succeeds – simple as that. When I first saw the film advertised I wasn’t that bothered about it – I figured if you’ve seen Shrek, Finding Nemo, Toy Story etc then you’ve seen it all as far as animated films go – I was wrong. Cars manages to put a few twists in place in terms of storyline and the characters are reasonably unique. Let’s face it; the whole ‘talking animals’ thing has been done to death anyway; it’s about time we moved on.
Owen Wilson voices the main character Lightning McQueen, you couldn’t ask for a better voice actor for this part. Wilson has that incredible mix of cocky and suave that suits the character perfectly, and supported by the deep and knowledgeable sounding Paul Newman you can’t go wrong. The music is like the story, simple but entertaining – I walked out of the cinema with ‘Life is a Highway’ stuck in my head, and with it being such a timeless classic and all, I didn’t care. Cars is cool – it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s just good old fashioned fun.