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Beta Omega Chi begins party legacy

Laura McQuillan



Beta Omega Chi, the new fraternity of Vic, held its official launch party last week, amidst criticism that a fraternity will “segregate” Victoria students. The party, held at The Establishment, attracted around 450 people and was a huge success, says fraternity President Chris Smith.
Students were ‘auctioned’ at the party, with 100 percent of the auction proceeds and a proportion of ticket sales to the Cancer Society.
The fraternity – also referred to as a ‘men’s support group’ – now has around 70 members, and is the process of setting up a sister sorority at Vic, and a fraternity quarter at Massey Wellington.
Salient can also reveal the group has a secret handshake, and that plans for a fraternity house are in the initial stages, although an occupation of the Hunter Building has been suggested in the meantime.
VUWSA President Geoff Hayward, the group’s Chair, has come under fire on the Salient website, with comments suggesting his involvement in a VUWSA club inhibits his ability to perform as President.
Smith says whilst Hayward was not a founding member of the fraternity, his help and support has been immeasurable for getting the group off the ground. Other posters have commented that the fraternity promotes “social divisions within the student body”.
However, Vic already has a Women’s Group, and VUWSA policy allows for gender-specific club membership. Smith says anyone interested in getting involved is welcome at Beta Omega Chi’s meetings, held every Tuesday from 7:30pm at The Establishment on Courtenay Place.