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On Saturday night I ventured out into the cold to go to the annual Amnesty on Campus fund raising gig at Indi… sorry, San Francisco Bath House. And I can gladly report that good times were had by all, and lots of money was raised for a good cause.
So So Modern and Chairman Miaow were awesome, and I’m sure I would have liked Disaster Radio had I a taste for syth. The Bath House was packed, and in attempting to dance I was elbowed in the head numerous times. Eventually I just gave up and sat moodily on a couch. But big ups to Alex and the rest of the Amnesty on Campus group for continually out doing themselves.
In other news, it’s a bit of a madhouse around here as VUWSA flurries towards releasing their budget tomorrow night. Speculation and rumour have been rife, and the atmosphere is pretty tense to say the least. More details in next week’s issue, promise.
Tomorrow at midday the Mount Street Bar and Cafe will host an SRC debate between representatives of Israel and Palestine. Here’s your chance to vent on the issue if you feel the need. I agree with James that we don’t really have the resources to cover such huge international issues. Which was also why the international section of the news that Keith started in 2004 lasted a mere trimester.
Is it just me, or have the Dominion Posts disappeared? I see other people with them, people in the office always have copies, but no matter how early I get here, there are none to be found. I never thought I’d get hooked, but now I constantly have paper-envy.
And while we’re on the topic, it’s good to see that someone at Fairfax hasn’t completly flipped their lid.