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BOOBS challenges A-Team to rugby showdown

Laura McQuillan



The Brotherhood of Ordained Bogan Students (BOOBS), last week announced a challenge to VUWSA election candidates the A-Team of a game of tackle rugby.
BOOBS President and VUWSA Welfare Vice President Reverend Paul Danger Brown says the match would be “of epic proportions”.
“On Friday when the results of the VUWSA elections come in, I will be challenging the A- Team to partake in our national game,” Rev Brown said last Thursday.
A-Team Presidential candidate Lukas Schroeter says the A-Team “will have to have a little caucus” before the challenge is accepted.
BOOBS members were already in training last week, with heavy competition for places in the squad.
The Reverend Minister of the Bogan Department of Security Measures (BDSM) Josh Simpson has said the BOOBS side has “a pretty handy forward-pack with a lot of size and there should be some good contests come scrum time between (A-Team Education Vice President candidate) Michael Bridge and the Reverend Danger.”
BOOBS has a strong sporting legacy, following two indoor cricket wins over VUWSA earlier this year.
The unconfirmed match relies on the A-Team taking up the challenge, and commentators are picking it to be considerably more entertaining than watching the Parliamentary rugby team.