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BIG Momma’s House 2

Nivea Nicholas



Regent on Manners, Reading Cinemas
Whoooaaa Momma! This movie was a laugh. From cheerleading, to seductively prancing around on the beach after a surf- you’d know FAT Momma just isn’t your usual Nanny!
Martin Lawrence is Malcolm Turner (or Big Momma, if you will) who in this sequel decides to work in Public Relations for the safety of him and his family. However, due to the death of his old partner, there is nothing that could stop him bringing back Big Momma to right wrongs and do what ‘she’ does best: act clueless, cause chaos, yet manage a family to execute her un-authorized, self-proclaimed mission. Turner is determined to find the killer, and mischievously takes on a job as a Nanny in order to get close to the family and investigate the father who is the main suspect.
Turner’s pregnant wife (Nia Long), is angered by the fact that her ‘loving’ husband had lied and never kept his promise of never working an FBI case again. The kids in this film: Carrie (Chloe Moretz) and Molly (Kat Dennings) are pretty standard, except for the wee lil one, Kevin (Zachary Levi) who is mute by choice. His habits of jumping off high places and crashing flat on his face without a scratch will crack you up… without fail.
The low lights of this film were the ‘serious’ parts. The movie was too funny and extreme to take anything seriously. It just made all the ‘serious’ characters look dumb. The story line was also pretty dull. But character and plot are irrelevant. It’s the comical moments you share with Big Momma that make this movie a must see! Her attitude, her butt, her style, her quirky comments and amazing physique (she can do back flips you know), justify this movie as a definite winner.