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From personal ads posted on “Asexual Marriage Net,” a marriage broker website in China. More than 7,000 people have joined since the website was launched in 2005.

Sex has never interested me. In fact, I find it a little filthy. The doctor told me this is common, but it is not a short-term feeling I can change. I hope to find a girl in the same plight. One day we can walk down the aisle together, raise children, support our parents, and spend our energy on work and living a good, happy life.
– Little Jiang, male, age 23.
I hope you already understand the social and sexual sides of marriage. Let’s concentrate on the social side.
– Shriveled Pebble, male, 32.
Due to a physical dysfunction, I cannot have sex. I don’t dare let a woman love me, since I do not want to harm an innocent girl or ruin another person’s life. But whenever I look at the grey hairs of my parents, the pressure to marry has me feeling beat. I must repay them for the decades they spent raising me. Maybe you and I can come together to make a house of misfortune?
– Hand in Hand Forever, male, 35.
I’m an elegant, honest, intellectual woman who likes platonic love affairs and wishes for this kind of marriage. We can establish a family that is warm and sexless.
– Feng Yalan, female, 24.
Want to find an ordinary girl for a relationship like a part-time job.
– Southern Winter, male, 34.
I do not want to ruin an innocent heterosexual, but with the passing of my 34th birthday, the stress is mounting. I have not had a girlfriend to show my friends and colleagues. Whether we get married is not important— at least I will save some face.
– Zong Lin, male, 34.
I suffer from premature ejaculation. I had a love af- fair, but it ended unhappily. Nowadays, I only think about finding my other half. I could have a little sex, or none, whatever. -Heartfelt Love, male, 34.I am not beautiful or seductive, but I am honest. Because of a birth defect, I might be unable to have a normal sex life. If two people don’t have sex, can there be love? Can an asexual couple have a happy life together? I believe yes.
– Wishing for Love, female, 28.
God doomed me from birth to live out my life as half a man. I know this means I cannot love whom I want and I cannot accept a woman’s love. I only want to find someone as unfortunate as me, so we can face our destinies together. -Expecting Loneliness, male, 32.I don’t have any diseases. I’m just cold in bed.
– Cucumber, female, 23.
Ebony and Ivory
The following questions were taken from the National Forum on People’s Differences, a web site that encourages users to post the questions they’ve “always been too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask.
”Why does it seem that Caucasians, more than other races, enjoy flirting with death by engaging in activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, and car and speedboat racing?
Why is it that when meeting white people for the first time in a social setting, within five minutes they ask you what you do for a living?
A white friend told me that no subjects of an intimate nature (money, affection, etc) were discussed in her home. Is this typical in white households?
I am a black male who takes the time to iron my clothes every day. For some reason, my white co-workers find this interesting. Why is it that white people do not iron their clothing?
Why do most black people wear their hats backwards?
I have tried this many times, and I do not think this is comfortable.
I have noticed that some black men drive in a fully reclined position, their heads barely showing above the steering wheel. It seems like a strange, dangerous thing to do. Is it a gang thing, or simply fashionable?
Why do some African Americans name their children such hard-to-pronounce and-spell names? It seems to me that some of these would be a drawback later in life, when one en- ters the real world.
It seems to me that a great many Generation X whites have chosen to act black. Why?
Why is it that some white people feel it neces- sary to tell black people from time to time that they have a black friend?
Why do whites momentarily smile at me when I pass them but once past, their facial expression turns plain? Is this the same as African Ameri- cans saying “what’s up?” by nodding their heads? Why do blacks call fellow blacks “brothers” and “sisters?”
Why does it seem that when black people are in groups, they tend to be very outspoken; i.e., laughing, shouting, and dancing?
It seems to me that black males generally have better physiques than white males. Is this true, and if so, why?
It seems to me that the majority of white people are overly stuffy and stiff. Why can’t they seem to relax?
Hard plane’s a gonna fall
The following is from a manual distributed last year by North-west Airlines to workers who had recently been laid off. After employee complaints, the airline apologized and stopped further distribution. North-west Airlines filed for bankruptcy in 2005. Use the phone book instead of directory assistance. Do your own nails. Replace 100-watt bulbs with 60-watt bulbs. Buy spare parts for your car at the junkyard. Go to museums on free days. Get hand-me-down clothes and toys for your kids from family and friends. Write letters instead of calling. Make your own baby food. Buy old furniture at yard sales and refinish it yourself. Hang clothes out to dry. Take a date for a walk along the beach or in the woods. Grocery shop on double-coupon days. Ask your doctor for samples of prescriptions. Don’t use your dishwasher’s dry cycle; open the door and let the dishes air dry. Cut the kids’ hair yourself. Use old newspapers for cat litter. Tum the hot-water heater down and wrap it with insulation. Donate time instead of money to religious organizations and charities. Grow your own vegetables and herbs. Borrow a dress for a big night out. Don’t be shy about pulling something you like out of the trash.