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It’s Thursday, which means I’ll be at work till about 6am, maybe 7am or even 8am if things take really long. So when I get to work I’ll treat myself to some University bought and resoundingly disgusting coffee and really chew a little longer over my Dominion Post. I get right in there, so I can really see what’s at the back of the cupboard.
Kenneth Lay died recently, that disgustingly old and vile fuck that was at the helm of Enron when it was discovered to be the corporate shyster that it was. Old Kenny Boy couldn’t handle prison and his heart gave out. This was a man who cashed up 70 million, weeks before Enron went bust and left thousands without work after years and years of service, letting lower level tradesmen and employees go without severance pay, and the shares and superannuation they weren’t allowed to cash up, and were all told was in the thousands. He ruined many, many lives. My favourite bit was how Enron, with help from President Bush, escalated the Californian power crisis to make profit – randomly shutting down power plants to further raise the power price. Damn, that’s sickly smooth.
But he’s a victim now, his obituary focusing in on the baptist upbringing, the powerful connections, and the cruelty of an old man cut off from his family and unable to handle jail. As a society we don’t respect white collar crime for being as sickening as it is. Enron was the epitome of how the greed of a few can ruin the lives of the many. And Kenneth Lay was a criminal.
On a brighter note it’s really sunny. Studentville, this new student orientated TV show soon to be on C4 is coming into film. The office is messy, and Thursdays are a dull day. It’s just us, nerding out on the computers and drinking endless cups of coffee. Thursday was also Bridget Saunders day, so I got to read all about Nicky Watson and how nice she is. But I don’t care. She shouldn’t be the face of the Women’s Refuge in New Zealand.
Mood resigned, big shift coming up.
Song: ‘Curbside’ by Damien Jurado
Annoying me gently: The prospect of new coins. I don’t like change.
(Ha! That was punny!)