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Another sunny day.

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So I’m sitting here, it’s Monday, and if we think back to last Monday, we will know that I really like Mondays. There’s not much to do. There’s enough to do. But it’s no Thursday.

Ben has laid up a blueprint for the cover, I’ve mapped out the magazine. We’re poised and ready to crank but the work hasn’t quite overwhelmed us yet. John bought in a swell bananna cake, I found ten bucks in my jacket pocket (and bought some neat chicken satay) and it’s so sunny and we’ve got sunny day music playing. Issue 16 will be the second issue of the year to have Jesus on the front cover. That’s just how we roll. I got my church review underway yesterday and ended up lost and carsick in Whitby. Has anyone seen the Rock church? Wow. Commercialreligylicous. Also a fact that escaped me is that Destiny Church has services at Wellington High School. Which is pretty sickening.
Friday night was party time. Salient style. A good night that harked back to some of the vintage error 2003 efforts. We were conversing about how far we could throw Nicola, and then I threw her a few hours later and a lot drunker. The guy behind the bar was very rude and wouldnt give me a metre ruler. Thank you to the Realm for a good time. A big up yours to the idiots at Vespa Lounge. We were only there because you were the only bar that was open. Next time I will go home.
Anyone see the Dominion front page this morning? Two murders will make your city the murder capital of New Zealand, apparently. Manipulated statistics does not a ghetto make. Do they think anyone really buys this crap? The New Zealand murder rate is on the decline.
The Dominion is tightening a noose around it’s head everyday, and now Fairfax seeks to get a monopoly on journalists in New Zealand with the internship. I spoke with the deputy editor of the Dominion at a function recently who tried to tell me that while aiming to do a Masters overseas was a “fanciful plan” it would never get me a job at a newspaper. Excuse me? Her suggested career path was working my way up from a lowly news desk at a lesser known Fairfax publication and work up to the Dom. Such an ironicly arrogant program to come out of Fairfax at the same time as Fairfax’s banner publication hits rock bottom. Can they not hear the snigger grow into a laugh?
I’m annoyed now. If you want to read the article, click here. I do like the Dom’s sport section though, and there is the odd feature in the world section that I like. And the music reviewers are ace. But jesus the news section is sunk to a Sunday Star Timesesque low. I’d probably switch to the Herald if the Dom wasn’t free. I’m such a cheap ass.
And now. Shit that’s really funny. This is. And this. And I’ve never been a huge Newtown Ghetto Anger fan, but this made me laugh. (Ups to Mr Ng at Public Address for posting these)
Song: Dress Up In You by Belle and Sebastian
Mood: Monday fresh, with a hint of sun.
Needling my side?: An errant sultana in my chicken satay.
VUWSA by-election muck-ups, email votes don’t work, again! And Paul Brown is a douche.
I’ve tolerated his meaninglessly boorish visits to this office, but the man will go to any lengths to fuck people round and is no longer welcome in my office.
Cries of false facts in Salient frustrate me. We try and get everything right. But we don’t have the resources for an exhaustive fact check. And we can make mistakes. And it’s often made harder when a number of different people surrounding VUWSA and the subsequent groups around VUWSA reporting different facts. Like when the President of UniQ doesn’t have a budget for her own organisation, and we have to go and get a budget from VUWSA that has had an amendment changed. And when Mr. Brown outright lies, both on this website, and tipping off a Woman’s Rights Officer with false information.
So yeah, we apologise for every error. But it is often harder to get your facts straight when you can’t rely on those involved for the real story.
Good night, and good luck.