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Another exec member gone..

Laura McQuillan

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VUWSA’s Welfare Vice-President Heleyni Pratley sent a resignation email to VUWSA staff, exec members and Salient staff yesterday, to be effective as of this Friday.
In the email she cited health reasons and her school workload – she’s an Honours student, so working well-over her paid 20 hours a week has been difficult, no doubt – for her resignation. She says she will assist Education Officer (Welfare) Paul Danger Brown and the incoming VP with picking up where she left off.
Her resignation was accepted by the President, but at this evening’s exec meeting it was deferred to come into effect on Sunday, August 26.
Heleyni was co-opted to the exec last year as Activities Officer and was later elected to the position in a July by-election, and has since had a colourful history as an exec member. She came under fire after a drunken scribbling incident in the VUWSA Kelburn office earlier this year where she doodled on the walls and on an artwork, and also for her relationship with Education VP Joel Cosgrove, which some have claimed is a conflict of interest affecting how the exec works.
Despite this, in her exec history, and particularly as Welfare VP, she has amply served students and been incredibly involved in new and existing welfare activities, including free soup, the ‘welfare van’ (a trolley which contains bread which she gives out each week), looking after and advocating for students – she even got me a new Community Services Card when Work and Income were being dicks and refused to give me one.
It has been suggested that Paul Brown may be co-opted into the VP position, and that Heleyni may be co-opted to fill his empty Education Officer position – basically swapsies.
We shall cover Heleyni’s resignation in further detail when Salient returns to a magazine stand near you in two weeks.
Now, I could have posted this yesterday, except the internet at my house was broken, and then when it was finally fixed I got so caught up in Bebo I forgot to blog (you know how it is).
Soon I will think of a better blog topic than anything VUWSA-related. Until that day comes, I’d like to start a competition to name my new office computer (the ten-year-old Macs are slowly dying). I haven’t got a prize yet, because I’d like to see how many people participate first. You could maybe win a book voucher or something.
Hope your break is really swell.