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And Then There Was Six…

Seonah Choi



Education Officer Delia Timms has resigned from her position on the VUWSA General Executive.
Timms, who left VUWSA in order to pursue full time employment, says in her resignation letter that she had “[learned] a lot from [her experience at VUWSA]” and was “sad” to leave. The decision had been under consideration for several months.
Following Timms’ departure, only six remain of the ten originally elected members of the Executive. President Nick Kelly denies that the departures were representative of internal problems at VUWSA. “It’s sad when anyone leaves but I can’t remember a year where there were no by-elections,” he says.
VUWSA Education Vice-President Joel Cosgrove described Timms’ departure as “a bit of of surprise”. He notes that most of the year’s resignations were, like Timms’, due to finding full-time employment and questioned the sufficiency of Executive members’ honoraria.
Timms concedes that while the pay seemed disproportionate to the workload, the “backstabbing in the office” was a more prominent reason for her resignation.
A by-election is not being held for Timms’ post. Instead, the position will be left vacant until the general elections are held for the 2007 Executive later this month.