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Adieu, adieu 2006…

Yosan Legaspi



Film Editor Yosan Legaspi wraps up the last ever film pages for 2006.
Wow, this year has gone by so fast. It was only yesterday that I was plastered to the floor in utter ecstasy when I found out I was to be Film Editor. Films are such a passion of mine, and having the ability to watch hundreds of films this year has been so enriching. Without the opportunity, I would have had to actually pay for all the films I’ve seen (horror of horrors!), and not attended all the awesome pre-festival functions, many with yummy food provided. I’m beginning to sound like a leech, so how about I get on with the best of 2006…
Film Reviewers: You awesome bunch of people who’ve graced the film pages with your love: Matt Gers, Aidan Von Ruodnane, Jonothan Parkes, Joel Baxendale, Francesca Legaspi, Itchy Uvula, Hateful Chris, Don Kepple, Brannavan Gnanalingam, James Robinson, Stephen Smart, Kim Wheatley, Nivea Nicolas, Ilke Gers, Sarah Leslie.
Memorable moments:
1. 666- It was the opening night of the Omen remake… on the 6th day of the 6th month of 2006. I’m not superstitious, and nothing particularly strange happened this day… and then bang, bang, bang! All these weird events happened right after each other as I waited to watch the film. There was the drunk girl who spat a huge wad of saliva in my hair, then my friend chasing her to spit a wad into her face, then us running out of the cinema as the drunk girls equally violent and feral friends stampeded towards us. That’s when I found the secret lift at Hoyts. Hurrah!
2. The film melting before our very eyes. An occurrence I’ve heard of before, and wanted to witness myself. I got my wish as it melted into gloop that oozed and bubbled onscreen just before feature film Step Up showed. I was so happy.
Rants about film stuff
1. The opening night films for film festivals usually aren’t the best of the bunch.
2. Ticket prices are ridiculously expensive.
3. There are about 10-15 minutes of frivolous ads and trailers before the feature film shows. So if you think you’re going to be late for a film, you probably won’t be.
4. 2006 was a mediocre year for film. There wasn’t one film that everyone had to go see. Maybe Brokeback
Mountain? But I haven’t seen it yet… The comic on the left is dedicated to all film appreciators. Next time some inconsiderate jackass ruins your viewing pleasure, just remember to bring your uzi. My mouse Pierre and I wish you the best for exams and a hedonistic holiday. Have a great summer!