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For the past ten weeks Academic Idol has been so much fun.
This week however, it has descended into farce. To the people who figured out a way to rig the vote through deleting cookies, trust me, you fool no one. We are not CNN, we don’t usually get a thousand hits in minutes.
I plead to people. Don’t keep trying to mess with it. Next week there will be an IP lock on and one vote can be made per computer. But I am slightly baffled.
I am overworked. And running the administration of Academic Idol myself. I don’t have any resources, I don’t have specialist vote tallyers, and I have done my best to keep it fair. This week it has been impossible though. Lecturers are also overworked, and the 12 that have taken part have given up a whole heap of their free time to do so.
The competition has been a lot of fun, and because of the actions of a few, the legitimate votes of 400-500 people will be discarded this week, and we will decide who stays and goes off the text/ email votes.
It’s been a funny, and exciting competition. Lets not make it a farce. Let us let it have an exciting end.