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2007: Foreseen

James Robinson



SALIENT Editor James Robinson chews the fat with a psychic to get the lowdown on the year ahead.
Psychic: Hello. What’s your name dear?
James: James Robinson.
P: Now, James, how can I help you?
J: I’m just wanting to know some stuff about what’s going to happen next year. I’ve got a few enquiries.
P: In what area of your life James?
J: Current events.
P: You’re coming in to a really good area of your life, in the work area, James.
J: I am? That’s good to know.
P: You’re going to be really good, because it’s like you’re very focused.
J: Yeah, no, I am quite focused.
P: You’ve got the ability to focus and also, James, you present yourself well. Any job you go to, you’ll actually look the part. And that’s why people would like you to work for them, because you present yourself well.
J: Well that sounds very good. That’s very good to know.
P: Not only in clothing, but in the way you speak, you’re very polite and curteous.
J: I’ve always tried to be polite.
P: In your chosen field, you will go a long way and it will be successful. I can see you later on in life, your success will pay dividends, you’ve got a lovely car and a lovely home.
J: A lovely car?
P: A beautiful car, it’s a sporty little thing.
J: A sports car? That’s awesome. Hey, well, can I just ask you some questions about other stuff that doesn’t involve me?
P: Sure.
J: What do you think is going to happen next year? Like, what do you think are going to be the big events. Not for me personally, but for the country.
P: Oh, for the country. I think if we continue going the way we are it’ll be alright. I also think I can see if they cut immigration, housing prices could slump. It’s very much tied to immigration. I can see them looking at it now and thinking, well what are we going to do, because houses are getting too dear.
J: Yeah, I mean it seems very expensive.
P: I know. They’re very inflated. Some of them are double what they should be.
J: Over in America, do your spirits show you much about American politics?
P: I can tell you what they tell me.
J: That’s what I’m interested in.
P: What do you want to know about?
J: What do you see happening with the Republican Party at the end of the year?
P: I can see it being very successful.
J: Successful?
P: Very successful. They’re having lots of meetings and ra-ras, and everything else.
J: Oh, those Republicans.
P: You know, lots of social events. But whether they can pull the vote is the question. I see a huge big black box of people, it’s like a cut out here, and there’s a whole lot of people that won’t be impressed, so although they’re ra-raing with all their colours and all their ribbons…
J: Oh, they do like their ribbons…
P: The spirits are showing me that there’s a silent majority there that aren’t looking impressed. They’re almost too glitzy.
J: Very glitzy.
P: They’re too glitzy for the times. The times are quite serious at the moment and I sort of feel that the particular glitziness won’t go down particularly well with middle America.
J: Awesome. Do you think Don Brash will still be the leader of the National Party?
P: I do.
J: You do? That’s interesting.
P: At the moment on his performance, I know there’s a lot of stuff going on, but he is a very intelligent man. And it’s almost as if his charisma has grown.
J: His power is growing isn’t it?
P: I feel he’s a very intelligent man, he’s a gentleman.
J: But he cheated on his wife! Doesn’t that make him a bad man?
P: For what it’s worth, everyone cheats on their wives. I’d say 80% of men have done that.
J: 80% of men? Is that what the spirits are showing you?
P: That’s what I know. The spirits are showing me that he has cheated on his wife, but it’s furthered his career. She furthered his career. That’s what they’re showing me here. He’s like a lot of men, he’s quite able to put things in cubby- holes and he still loves his wife totally. It’s like the Italian men, they will have a mistress, but their wives are paramount.
J: People quite like Italians.
P: Italians are pretty straight up people. They say what they think.
J: Great people. Do you think the All Blacks are going to win the World Cup? It’s something I think about a lot and I worry a lot about it. It’s important. For me.
P: Oh goodness me, they’re showing me some really close matches here.
J: So it’s going to be tight.
P: It’s going to be really, really close. It’s Australia that’s the hardest to beat at this point in time, Australia’s going to give them a run for it. But they’re dirty players.
J: Australians are dirty.
P: I know they are. So are the French actually.
J: Yeah. Are you seeing much about the French?
P: Well the French are all historically dirty players.
J: Are we in the final?
P: Yes.
J: That’s good. As long as we make the final. That all seems very tense. That’s no good. My final question for you, I’ve been wondering about it quite a lot. Do you think that Peter Davis, Helen Clark’s husband, is gay? Because I was quite upset when I saw that in the papers.
P: No, I don’t think he is.
J: You don’t?
P: No.
J: You’ve been really lovely to talk to.
P: You too.
J: Ok, bye.