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So What the Fuck Happened to Salient?

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The Death of a Nation

2004 - 2019

First, a couple quick apologies from the creator of the site. I'm sorry if your article didn't make it. I tried to recover as much as I could, and all told there were 9879 articles recovered. I only managed to save the text. If I had access to a physical backup of the site I could do more, but for now this was the best I could do. If you've got any ideas about improving the site, please let Salient know, and I'll do my best to get round to them.
As for my thoughts on VUWSA
This site should not be necessary. Easily accessible portfolios are essential for ex-writers when applying for roles.
The transfer of the site was handled poorly, and while there was a large amount of content that needed to be transitioned, there are resources in place for switching to Squarespace which are very easily found on Google. I'm happy to keep this site up and maintain it, and if there are any writers who are uncomfortable with their work being hosted here, please let me or Salient know, and I'll be happy to remove your work from the site.

Here's some previous editors thoughts on the changeover.

Kii Small (Salient Editor 2019)
As of the summer of 2019, VUWSA and I (Kii Small) had an agreement that the old website was run down and not reliable. In response, VUWSA built a new website for Salient. The website was basic with minimal content and our team was left feeling underwhelmed. However, to our surprise, the entire archive of Salient articles had been deleted and not re-uploaded to the site. Authors, designers and editors from decades ago had been left without proof of their former work. Portfolio’s became void and links became 404’d. To our knowledge, VUWSA believed it was unnecessary to include the archive. So we did it in instead. Robert “Grand Uncle” Barratt worked hours to deliver this archive to those of us who have contributed to Salient in the last few years.